Our recent Annual Exhibition 2019 was a great success with a financial outcome to help finance our workshop programme for the coming season. Thanks to all exhibitors and those who helped the committee with operations. We were a bit short on sitters for the rota, but made it through the fortnight.

Hearty thanks also to Ben Nevis Distillery for use of the space !!

Trip to POTFEST at Scone Palace 9th June  – we had a brilliant day at Scone weather was good and the ceramics tremendous  – what a show !










Art Lochaber has had another successful and interesting year.
Membership is growing and currently stands at 45. There were four new members this year.
The core of our activity is the workshop programme and all the events 2018-19 were well attended, some with a waiting list. Members were very productive throughout and at one workshop a huge collaborative piece was produced. We try to respond to requests as far as possible and accordingly have had several mixed media workshops recently.
New tutor this year was Kenneth Leriche from Forres, and a new venue was Duncansburgh Hall. It is good and fair to have a central venue in this large area, and this one has excellent light and is nicely spacious. It may mean we could extend numbers to 12 at some workshops.
NTS Glencoe which we have used for many years has been out of use for the last year ; it does not feature on the latest programme either as the new regime at NTS Glencoe seems hard to communicate with.
No workshops were held in December or January as attendance had been unpredictable touring these months, and our February one was cancelled, due to call offs. However, it was held very enthusiastically later in the spring.
Socially we try to hold an event each year ; last summer we had a midsummer cruise, and this year we have planned a visit to POTFEST at Scone Palace on 9th June. There are still seats on the bus if you’d like to join in.
Last year’s exhibition the 40th was held in peak tourist season, but we did not notice greater numbers or takings than usual in May/ June.

Our Belford exhibition continues to be appreciated by patients staff and visitors. Sales are few and far between nowadays, only three exhibits were sold in the last year, but we consider it well worth doing as it brings enjoyment and a diversion.

The Art Lochaber Committee has put in another very hard working year, organising workshops, communicating to members, advertising, preparing and controlling the finances, and particularly at this time of year spending many hours having meetings and getting ready for the annual exhibition. We welcome additional offers of help – they are always appreciated and usually taken up. We particularly wish to thank Iain Jenner Alistair Smith and Paul Biggin for all their extra help around the exhibition.

Looking forward, our new programme is ready for distribution to members, so please collect yours this evening at the membership desk. We can’t wait to see you all during the new session.

Lorna Finlayson


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